Optimum protection for efficient logistics. Cash / valuables in transit and cash logistics companies

Our CEN-certified high-security protection helps you achieve efficient logistics with maximum insurable coverage.

You bear huge responsibility as far as the protection of your client`s valuables is concerned.

Together with you, we develop the security solution precisely tailored to your business which then, of course, also satisfies the strict conditions of your insurer.

Below, you will find the product categories that are predestined for your client segment – there you will also find PDF documents with all relevant product information.


Strongroom doors

The strongroom always comprises the strongroom door or safe door tested and certified in conformance with the respective resistance grade. STACKE is a supplier of strongroom doors in the resistance grades II – XIII in accordance with EN 1143-1 and thus covers the total range of all relevant resistance grades in a unique way.

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STACKE is a leading manufacturer as far as planning, production and installation of industrially pre-manufactured strongrooms in modular design and traditional strongrooms of massive construction are concerned.

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Safes of modular design, with many options as to equipment and locking. Reliably functioning thanks to the use of stainless steel or full galvanization of important lock components (corrosion protection). Mechanical, partially electronic or fully electronic lock. BAS pre-fitting according to VdS.

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Deposit systems

Our certified deposit systems cover the whole range from banknote dropping systems up to the big bag /safe bag; or, alternatively, cassettes. Drop thickness up to 50 mm! Deposit drawer, chute and fittings made of stainless steel. Stand-alone systems or in-wall.

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Transfer safes

The STACKE system for the intelligent transfer of money and valuables. VdS-tested and certified according to European Standard EN 1143-1.

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Competence in engineering, consulting, research & development

Innovative development and engineering competence for high-security lock solutions in small series and/or custom-made.

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